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Understanding the Privacy Levels

Privacy is an essential element of Confides. When creating a channel you can pick how much information your agents will see about the person reaching your organization.

There are two privacy levels available:

  • IDK Pseudonym
  • True name

Once created, the privacy level of a channel cannot be changed.

IDK Pseudonym

The IDK Pseudonym is the highest level of protection. The contact information are not displayed and the contact has a pseudonym assigned instead of its true name. Also, we go inside the messages and do our best to redact the information that would otherwise let you identify the person behind the pseudonym.

True name

Under this level, the information we receive is made available to the agent. The contact information is displayed, including the true name of the person is displayed when we have it available.  At this privacy level, we do not redact any information inside the messages.

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