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Receiving Messages

Receiving messages within Confides functions the same way, regardless of the channel.

But, when a message arrives different things will happen depending if you are connected to your portal or not.

What happens when you are connected

If you are connected at your agent portal when a message arrives you will notice the conversations icon showing a red pill on it. And, if you are already viewing that conversation, the new message will appear at the end of the conversation content.

What happens when you are not connected

If someone else is around to reply to that conversation, nothing else will happen. But, if no one is around, whoever has asked to be notified of offline activity in their user profile, will receive an email informing them there is a new message in the portal.

Impact of the Privacy Level on the incoming message

Messages arriving on channels that have the privacy level set to “IDK Pseudonym” receive special attention. The content of the message is inspected to redact information identified as confidential for that contact. Redacted text shows up as blurred in the conversation module.

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