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Introduction to Confides

Confides is a Help Desk and Customer Service platform created to connect you with your community. Your community can be made up of users, customers, employees, neighbours, etc. Confides allows its members to easily reach your organization and its services.

Connecting you to your community

Different communities use different services to communicate with one another. Some people prefer email, some Facebook Messenger, while others prefer SMS.

Confides connects these services into a single user interface that you can use to reply to the members of your community. With Confides, you can have everything you need in one place. No more having multiple apps installed on your phone or multiple tabs open in your web browser. Everything you need is just a click away.

What makes it different?

Our platform has anonymity built-in (but optional), so you can keep your contacts’ identities confidential. Pseudonyms are displayed instead of contact information to protect your contacts’ privacy. And if you ever need to reveal your contacts’ true identity, the privacy protection can be lifted giving you access to the information.

Anonymity is built-in to our platform but optional because you can create channels that do not provide any privacy protection. Why? Because there are situations where anonymity is not needed or helpful. For example, when providing technical support to your community.

You can learn more about the privacy levels here.

Alone or in a team?

Whether you work alone or work in a bigger organization there are benefits when using the shared inboxes provided by Confides.

If you work alone

You can give access to some (or all) of your channels to someone acting as your backup while retaining control of the different services used to communicate with your community. This way you can enjoy some down time.

If you are part of a team

Incoming messages can be answered by anyone in your team who has access to the shared inbox. And, since the platform keeps track of who sends the messages, you can quality control what your organization is saying and then provide training to your team members.



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