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Starting a Conversation

In most cases, starting a conversation begins outside of your organization so the first message received from a contact starts the conversation. Customers opening a ticket on the online user ticketing portal, start a conversation. Clients reporting sexual violence, start a conversation. Community members seeking information, start a conversation. The conversation starts on different communication platforms and are consolidated in one centralized place.

Can an Agent start a conversation?

Starting a conversation within Confides is easily accomplished if a channel or multiple channels are configured to support this capability. If your organisation is responsible for reaching out to individuals who may have had contact with a person at risk, or advising a group of people they have been exposed to a contagious virus, this functionality simplifies this process.

Since Confides was not created for marketing purposes, the number of people you can contact at one time is limited to 10.

How to start a conversation (as an Agent)

You will need the role Contact Agent or be a Super Administrator to start a conversation.

To start a conversation within Confides, click on the Conversation Icon containing a “+” on the main navigation panel.

If multiple channels are configured for this functionality, a list of channels will pop up for the agent to choose from. Once the channel is selected the new conversation box will follow.

You can send the message (start the conversation) with one person by providing the phone number or to multiple people receiving the same message. Multiple phone numbers must be separated by either a semicolon or comma. When you hit the send button the message will be immediately sent to the contact(s).

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