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Unlock Genuine Conversations:

Enable Your Team to Communicate with You Anonymously

A powerful addition to your leadership toolkit, uniquely designed to foster and support a psychologically safe, open, and high-performing team environment.

Créez un climat de confiance avec votre communauté grâce à une plateforme de messagerie unique et sécurisée qui protège leur identité.

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Anonymity matters

Imagine if your team members made contact with you sooner—before crisis point—because they could do on their preferred messaging app and anonymously.

Confides can let your collaborateurs be anonymous when reaching out for assistance so that you can meet regulatory requirements as well as minimize the self-stigma of seeking help.


A single interface for all your messaging app accounts

Messaging platform overload? Between Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS and email it’s easy to lose track of where your conversations are taking place. Confides brings social messaging platforms into a single, secure web interface where you can focus on helping your client instead of remembering where you had that conversation in the first place.

Comfortable for them, convenient for you

Let your team members message you on the social messaging platform they are comfortable using while you assist them, organize and annotate conversations, from an easy web interface where you can use a full keyboard and benefit from a bigger screen.

What our customers are saying

The tool built for the leaders of high-performing, psychologically safe and open teams

Confides stands out as a powerful addition to your leadership toolkit, uniquely designed to foster and support a psychologically safe, open, and high-performing team environment. By empowering team members to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas anonymously, this tool unlocks new avenues for genuine, unfiltered conversations. It’s a strategic move towards nurturing a culture of trust, inclusivity, and continuous improvement, crucial for any successful and dynamic team.”

Let your team members contact you through the channel they know and prefer

We integrate with Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, our own exclusive Online Ticket Portal. More integrations are on their way.

No app for them to install, nothing standing on their way to communicate with you.


Receive, reply/annotate, done

You already have enough to do as it is

  • Work solo or as a team using shared inboxes.
  • Receive and reply to messages in real time.
  • Annotate conversations to keep track of additional details pertaining to the matter at hand
  • Archive completed conversations for future reference

Fight the self-stigma of seeking help, reduce the bystander effect and meet regulatory requirements all at once

Our platform has anonymity built in, so you can keep your team members’ identities confidential. Pseudonyms are displayed instead of contact information to protect your colleagues’ privacy. And if you are ever required to reveal their true identities, we can do that too.

With this premium feature, we help higher education institutions in their application of the Quebec law P-22.1.


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