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About the channels

Channels are essential to your Confides portal. They connect your portal to your users through SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger, etc.

The list of channels is always growing. If you can’t find a channel that you need, take a look at our Roadmap. If it’s already there, upvote it so we can address it faster. If it does not exist and is not on the Roadmap, you can suggest it.

Some channels involve additional costs from their 3rd party provider. Make sure you read their documentation thoroughly before configuring a channel.

Configuring a channel

There are settings that are common to all channels. They are:

  • Alias: A short name that will show inside your Confides portal.  It is a great way to also indicate what the channel is about or the expected audience (for example: user email support).
  • Privacy Level: (only available at the creation of the channel) allows you to determine how much information about your contacts you will see. It can either be an IDK Pseudonym or a True Name contact. We call these privacy levels.
  • Collaboration Settings: tweaks how your agents collaborates on incoming messages.
    • Read/Unread Flag Tracking On The Conversations: determines what happens when one of your agents marks a conversation as read or replies to it.
      • Globally shared: the conversation is marked as read for everyone as soon as one of the agents replies, annotates, or mark the conversation as read. However, offline activity notifications are only sent when none of the agents who have access to the channel are online.
      • Individually for each agent: the conversation is marked as read only for the agent that replies, annotates, or mark the conversation as read. Also, offline activity notifications are sent to the agents that are offline, even when some of them are online.

The remaining configuration fields are specific to each channel.

Archiving a channel

If a channel is no longer needed you can archive it. This will remove the channel from your portal, make all the conversations inaccessible and, you will no longer be able to receive or send messages through that channel.

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